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Youth soccer’s greatest value is the role it plays in the development of character, values and life skills. The Player of the Month® program allows organizations to create a positive playing environment and recognize those players that excel at more than just scoring goals or creating assists. During each month of the season, players are rewarded for demonstrating their commitment to the behavior that supports the values of the organization and the families in it. Each organization determines their own criteria for the award.

This gives you the opportunity to set a standard that clearly outlines for players, coaches, parents and administrators the values that are important to the organization. Some suggested criteria are leadership, good communication, respect of coaches/players and a positive work ethic.

All stakeholders benefit from the program. Coaches use it is a motivational tool, parents see their child committed to behaviors that bring success both on and off the field and the player participates in a program that highlights the opportunity to grow beyond the lessons learned on the field.